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FAQs | Miami Palms Carpet Cleaning


Q?How do I know if I need to have my ventilation system cleaned?

Different manufacturers recommend different time frames for HVAC cleaning and sanitization. It’s very important that you have your ventilation systems frequently checked- especially if you have/had the following;

-Smokers in the household


-Water Damage

-Recent home renovations

It doesn’t hurt to have a simple check-up every few months, in fact, it does hurt to avoid it- studies have show that indoor air can be almost five times as polluted as outdoor air.

Give Miami Carpet Cleaning a call, we will ensure that your air quality is fresh.

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Q?How can I get more information on your services?

Give us a call! (305) 974-1963. Our technicians are waiting to answer your questions and give you more information on pricing and services.

Q?What carpet cleaning method do you use?

Miami Carpet Cleaning uses a non-toxic low moisture hot water extraction method which allos us to thoroughly clean out your carpet while saving plenty of water and ensuring a quicker dry time once the service is completed. You can read more here.