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Save Money

Miami Carpet CleaningHere at Miami Palms Carpet Cleaning, we strongly believe that you get the most out of your money. We also insist that you know exactly how much money you are going to pay before we begin the job, so we have created a hassle free system to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the price you are paying and the service that you are getting.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1) Give us a call! (305) 604-1515. We will gladly answer any questions you have over the phone, give you a quote based on the condition of your home/office, and schedule an appointment if you like the quote.

Step 2) Our certified technicians will come to your location for further inspection (sometimes it’s hard to estimate over the phone!) and give you an exact price to the last penny.

Step 3) You chose if you would like to proceed. No commitments, no hassle.

So there you have it- we give you full control over the cleaning process!