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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Hiring Tile & Grout Cleaning Miami: It’s Importance

It is a known fact that grout is highly porous and capable to absorb limescale, dirt and even grease easily. If you have accidentally spilled drinks, foods, or any other greasy substances, you will think it will be cleaned easily, and although this is true, they happen to leave behind various patches in between the joints of your floors. Within damp areas such as your bathroom, the grout in between those tiles of the wall can actually become a hiding area for mildew. In addition, continuous use of chemical based soaps and shampoos will leave behind various colored stains on your grout. For you to minimize damage of your tiles, it is important to protect your grout with the help of some sort of sealer.

How The Best Miami Tile Cleaning Company Works

Step 1 – Pre-cleaning and Inspection:

The first step that our Miami Grout Cleaning technician takes after inspecting the damage is to pre-treat that grout and tile using a cleaning solution. This cleaning solution basically emulsifies the grim, oil, dirt, and all the other debris which has increased throughout the years. This solution will then be left standing on top of the surface for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 2 – Extensive Agitation:

The second step is where our Miami Tile & Cleaning Grout Technician agitates the cleaning solution inside the lines of your grout and on the surface on which your tiles are at.

Step 3 – Extraction & Cleaning:

Afterwards, our high pressure system which is designed exclusively for cleaning hard surfaces will be used to wash out the many years of accumulated soil, food debris, and grease.

Step 4 – Cleaning Of Spots:

If there are any spots or stains that are remaining, they will then be tackled manually from the help of our low pH cleaning solution.

Step 5 – Quick Drying:

For the fifth stage, we will then use a high speed air fan so that we can dry the surface.

Step 6 – The Sealing of all the Grout Lines:

For this last stage, it will involve protecting all the grout by using a sealer. You can either choose a colored sealer or a clear one, as our technician will ask you to choose beforehand. This will keep the surface stain completely proofed for a long period of time.

If you ever decide to choose our Miami Tile & Grout Cleaning company, then you should expect for our professional technicians to extensively clean all types of hard surfaces. We will certainly make sure to clean and also sanitize your tiles to bring it back to looking brand new. It will definitely be worth hiring the best and most reliable Miami Tile & Grout Cleaning service, as you are certain to receive impeccable service.